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Michigan's Abandon Biden movement, more than a slogan

The New Arab 26 Feb 2024
In 2020, when Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump, the first president to institute a Muslim ban and who defied decades of tradition by relocating the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, many Arabs and Muslims across the US breathed a sigh of relief.

Stephen Mihm: Biden should be like Ike to curb Israel

The Eagle-Tribune 25 Feb 2024
In 1956, President DwightIke” Eisenhower successfully defused the Suez Crisis, forcing Israel and its allies — as well as the president’s own political rivals — to back down ... set off a major crisis.

US deliberately turns deaf ear to China's call for it to stop prolonging the Ukraine conflict: China Daily editorial

China Daily 25 Feb 2024
For instance, Friday's sanctions include 26 entities outside of Russia and people in 11 countries, including China, the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam and Liechtenstein ... the Ukraine crisis from day one.

The China factor in the Red Sea

Indian Express 24 Feb 2024
However, overplaying its hand in the crisis can also severely undermine China\u2019s economic well-being and its geopolitical ambitions ... Such a stance would further strengthen China\u2019s already significant economic ties with Arab states and Iran.

Shoukry, Saudi FM review developments of Israeli war in Gaza

Egypt Independent 24 Feb 2024
The talks tackled needed moves within the Arab Group and multilateral action to end this crisis ... They agreed on continued coordination in the coming period to settle the crisis in the Gaza Strip. ....

Reform UK to announce new policies and candidates at Doncaster rally

The Observer 23 Feb 2024
But in an earlier version of his profile he said the role of human activity in the climate crisis was “overplayed”, falsely claimed the United Arab Emirates questioned the science of climate change at ...

Egyptian, Saudi FMs reject Israel’s ground offensive against Rafah

Egypt Today 22 Feb 2024
... perspectives of the developments of the Israeli war against the Gaza Strip, discussing necessary actions within the frameworks of the Arab League and multilateral cooperation to alleviate this crisis.

China's Inviting Sympathetic Foreign Media to Xinjiang Can Backfire

Beijing News 22 Feb 2024
Jazexhi said several Arabs in his group told him they wouldn't publish stories about what they saw because it could create a diplomatic crisis between their countries and China.

Biden can’t have it both ways on the Gaza war

Cleveland Jewish News 22 Feb 2024
Agency for International Development Samantha Power, Finer went to Dearborn, Mich., last week for meetings with Arab-American leaders ... Finer’s message to Arab Americans was one of contrition.

ILO projects Arab region’s unemployment at 9.8 pct in 2024

Famagusta Gazette 21 Feb 2024
For non-GCC states, there are issues of instability, conflict, crisis, a weak private sector, and demographic pressures, the report said. In the report titled “Arab States Employment and Social Outlook – Trends 2024.

Long-term pivot to the East

China Daily 21 Feb 2024
In particular, the US imposed sanctions on Russia and froze $300 billion worth of Russian Central Bank assets in the wake of the Ukraine crisis, which was a great shock to oil-producing Arab states.

US writer Mitch Horowitz speaks with Al-Masry Al-Youm about corruption in Israel and Egypt’s vital ...

Egypt Independent 21 Feb 2024
Nothing can happen towards resolving the current crisis in the Gaza Strip without Cairo. Egypt is one of the most important countries in the Arab world and one of the nations most endowed with culture, history and civilization.

US faces backlash for Veto on UN resolution regarding Gaza Ceasefire! Here’s what the resolution draft was all about

Financial Express 21 Feb 2024
This resolution, backed by Arab nations and widely supported internationally, is aimed to halt the hostilities and address the humanitarian crisis in the region. What did the resolution say? ... the US, UK, France, Russia, or China ... .

Eye on the Middle East | Between the Gulf and the Sea, a changing geopolitical scenario

Hindustan Times 20 Feb 2024
Even as most Arab states stand by and Iran increases its naval presence in the Red Sea, the immediate mitigating measure for the US and allies has been a kinetic one — to strike the Houthis in Yemen and force a military resolution to the crisis.

ILO projects Arab region's unemployment at 9.8 pct in 2024

Xinhua 20 Feb 2024
For non-GCC states, there are issues of instability, conflict, crisis, a weak private sector, and demographic pressures, the report said. In the report titled "Arab States Employment and Social Outlook - Trends 2024.